2016      Requiem Op 54                         C Saint-Saëns



         Requiem in D Minor (K626)                WA Mozart

         Selection of Music for Chorus, Brass, and Organ

                  The Old Hundredth Psalm   RV Williams

                  Blessing and Glory and Wisdom and Thanks   GG Wagner

                  Psaume 150            C Franck

                  Ola! O che bon echo!           O di Lasso

                  Jubilate Deo            G Gabrieli

                  Hallelujah!                       GF Handel




2015    Sommerflugl, Lyric Pieces Op 43       EH Grieg

                 Sovejgs Sang, Peer Gynt                      EH Grieg

                 Død av Åse, Peer Gynt                          EH Grieg

                 Fire Salmer (Four Psalms) Op 74        EH Grieg

                 Five English Folk Songs            RV Williams

                            The Dark Eyed Sailor

                            The Spring Time of the Year

                            Just as the Tide Was Flowing

                            Wassail Song

         Five Mystical Songs                     RV Williams


                  I Got Me Flowers

                  Love Bade Me Welcome

                  The Call

                  Let All the World

Operetta Choruses

                  Opening Chorus Act II Die Fledermaus      J Strauss

                  A Modern Major General, Pirates of Penzance       Gilbert & Sullivan

                  Italian Street Song, Naughty Marietta       V Herbert

                  Make Our Garden Grow, Candide            L Berstein



2014     Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda Op 26       G Holst

         The Music Makers Op 69             E Elgar

         Insanae et Vanae Curae               FJ Haydn

         English Part Songs                          FJ Haydn

         Missa in tempore belli (Mass in Time of War)        FJ Haydn

         Selection of Opera Choruses             

                  Avert these Omens             GF Handel

                  Entrance of the Cigarette Girls        G Bizet

                  Habañera                        G Bizet

                  The Legend of Kleinzach       J Offenbach

                  The Anvil Chorus              G Verdi

                  Humming Chorus              G Puccini

                  Polovetsian Choral Dances    A Borodin

                  Libiamo (Brindisi)              G Verdi



2013      Sampson                                  GF Handel

         Die Liebesliederwaltzes       J Brahms

         Mass in F Minor                      A Bruckner

         Mass in G Major                     CM von Weber



2012      Gloria                            F Poulenc

Messe Solennelle                          L Vierne

Combined concert with SF Boy’s Chorus

Carmina Burana               C Orff

Psalm 150                       D Brunner

Cantata 15 duet              JS Bach

The Magic Flute excerpts    WA Mozar

Plena                     D Saez

And God Shall Wipe Away          E Daley

Be Simple                        B Chilcott



2011      Dido and Aeneas               H Purcell

         Frostiana                         R Thompson

         Chichester Psalms               L Bernstein



2010     Semele (the 1743 oratorio version)  GF Handel

         Gloria                   A Vivaldi

         St Cecilia Mass                 C Gounod

         Vesperae solennes de confessore (K 339)      WA Mozart

         Stabat Mater          G Rossini



2009     Mass in C Major             L van Beethoven

         Alto Rhapsody                  J Brahms

         Ave Maria                      J Brahms

         Psalm 42                        F Mendelssohn

         Psalm 150                       C Franck

         Song of the Spirit over the Waters     F Schubert

         Ein deutsches Requiem                  J Brahms

         Schicksalslied           J Brahms



2008      Elijah                   F Mendelssohn

         Missa in Angustiis (Lord Nelson Mass)      J Haydn

         Offertory in Bb Minor                 F Schubert

         Miriam’s Song of Triumph        F Schubert

         Choruses from a selection of operas:

Mourn all ye Muses, Acis & Galatea    GF Handel

Prologue, Tales of Hoffman    J Offenbach

Anvil Chorus & Condotta ell’era in ceppi, Il Trovatore    G Verdi

Solenne in questa…, La Forza del destino     G Verdi

Chorus of the Bells, I Pagliacci        R Leoncavallo

Eri Tu, Il Trovatore           G Verdi

Easter Hymn Cavalleria               P Mascagni

Vissi d'arte, Tosca              G Puccini

Bridesmaids' Chorus, Die Freischutz   CM von Weber

Habañera, Carmen             G Bizet

Trio & Apotheosis, Faust    C Gounod

Soldiers' Chorus, Il Trovatore          G Verdi

Mira, o Norma                 V Bellini

Va Pensiero, Nabucco       G Verdi

Nessun dorma, Turandot               G Puccini



2007     The Coronation Mass          WA Mozart

         Missa in tempore belli (Mass in Time of War)        J Haydn

         Requiem                          M Duruflé

         Die erste Walpurgisnacht      F Mendelssohn

Opera Choruses from:

Aida            G Verdi      

Dido & Aeneas       H Purcell

Il Trovatore    G Verdi

La Favorita      G Donizetti

Faust           C Gounod

Tosca               G Puccini

Madama Butterfly     G Puccini

Carmen                  G Bizet

La Wally               A Catalani

Nabucco                 G Verdi

Pearlfishers     G Bizet

Flying Dutchman    R Wagner

Macbeth                 G Verdi

La Cenerentola         G Rossini

La Traviata   G Verdi



2006      Israel in Egypt                  GF Handel

         Mass in G Major             F Schubert

         Gloria                   A Vivaldi

         Fantasia in F Minor                  WA Mozart

         Ave Verum             WA Mozart

         Paulus  Op 37                  F Mendelssohn



2005      Requiem                          WA Mozart

         Litany (K 125)                  WA Mozart

         Schicksalslied           J Brahms

         Messe Solennelle de Ste. Cecile         C Gounod

         Serenade to Music              RV Williams

         Mystical Songs                  RV Williams

         Dona Nobis Pacem             RV Williams

         Nanie Op 82          J Brahms

         Lass dich nur Nichts Nicht Dauern  J Brahms

         O Clap Your Hands          R V Williams

         Linden Lea                      RV Williams

         Alleluia                          RV Williams

         My Lovely One                 G Finzi

         God Is Gone Up               G Finzi



2004      Requiem                  G Fauré

         Cantique de Jean Racine      G Fauré

         Stabat Mater           G Rossini

         Liebesliederwaltzes              J Brahms

         Vier Gesange fur Frauenchor           J Brahms

         Sech Quartette Op 112       J Brahms



2003      Judas Maccabaeus              GF Handel

Carmina Burana               C Orff

Misa Criolla            A Ramirez

Selection of Songs by E Butler, C Guastavino, J Nin-Cullmell



2002      Elijah                   F Mendelssohn

         Ubi Caritas            M Duruflé

         Messe Solennelle                 L Vierne

         Carillon de Westminster       L Vierne

         Petite Messe Solennelle                  G Rossini

         Mass in C Minor             WA Mozart



2001      Requiem                          G Verdi

         Messiah                          GF Handel



2000      The Creation           J Haydn

         Chichester Psalms               L Bernstein

         Rejoice in the Lamb            B Britten

         Unknown Region               R Convery

         How Excellent is Thy Name H Hanson

         Song for Athene                 J Tavener

         Last Words of David          R Thompson



1999     Ein deutsches Requiem                  J Brahms

         Vier Gesänge Op 17          J Brahms

         Coriolan Overture            L van Beethoven

Christe Redemptor              C Monteverdi                

O Music Thou Most Lovely Art     J Jeep

Sing We and Chant It                 T Morley

Sicut Cervus            GP Palestrina

Cantate Domino                HL Hassler

Silver Swan             O Gibbons

Exultate Deo                   GP Palestrina

 Miserere Mei            G Allegri

Canzon Duodecimi toni        G Gabrielli

Jubilate Deo            G Gabrielli



1998     Mass in G                      CM von Weber

         Stabat Mater          G Rossini

         Gloria                   F Poulenc

         Mass Op 130                  J Jongen

         Pie Jesu                           L Boulanger



1997     Mass in C Minor             WA Mozart

         Serenade to Music              RV Williams

         A Ceremony of Carols                  B Britten

         Carols & Lullabies: Christmas in the Southwest   C Susa



1996     Elijah                   F Mendelssohn

         Requiem                          WA Mozart

         Missa Brevis in F              WA Mozart

         Mass in A                       F Schubert

         Magnificat                       CPE Bach



1995      To Sanit Cecilia                N Dello Joio

         Dona Nobis Pacem             RV Williams

         Ein deutsches Requiem                  J Brahms

         Historia der Geburt Jesu Christi SWV 435 H Schutz

         Table Songs SWV 88 & 89 H Schutz

         Psalm 100 SWV 332                 H Schutz

         Rose of Sharon                  B Billings

         David’s Lamentation          B Billings



1994      Mass in D Major        A Dvorak

         Vesperae solemnes de Confessore       WA Mozart

         Herr, gehe nicht ins Gericht (Cantata #105)        JS Bach

         Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Herr, zu dir (Cantata #131)       JS Bach

         Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night  TH Mann

         Mass for 4 Voices            W Byrd

         Sancte Deus            T Tallis

         Cantate Domino             H Schutz

         Svogava con le Stelle            C Monteverdi

         Magnificat                O Gibbons

         Nunc Dimittis           O Gibbons



1993      Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo     J Haydn

         Choral Dances from Gloriana        B Britten

         Chichester Psalms               L Bernstein

         Motet #6                        JS Bach

         Magnificat                       JS Bach



1992      Requiem               M Duruflé

         Cantique de Jean Racine      G Fauré

         O Sacrum Convivium          O Messiaen

         Israel in Egypt                  GF Handel

         Ecco mormorar l’onde          C Monteverdi

         Ne timeas Maria               T de Victoria

         Missa Brevis            D Buxtehude

         Quis Dabit Capiti meo Aquam      H Isaac

         Missa Pro defunctis a 4                 TL de Victoria



1991      Liebesleiderwalzer Op 52     J Brahms

         Zigeunerliede Op 112            J Brahms

         Neue Liebesliederwalzer Op 65       J Brahms

         Misa Criolla            A Ramirez

         Lord Nelson Mass             J Haydn

         Christmas Oratorio             JS Bach

         Ave Maria                      J de Pres

         Missa Solemnis            WA Mozart

         Sleigh Ride                     L Anderson



1990      Elijah                   F Mendelssohn

         Mass                     I Stravinsky

         Otsche Nash           I Stravinsky

         Ave Maria                      I Stravinsky

         Sure on this Shining Night    S Barber

         Funeral Ikos            J Taverner

         Missa Brevis            GP Palestrina

         Gloria in D            A Vivaldi



1989      Requiem                          WA Mozart

         White Goddess                  F Goff

         Die erste Walpurgisnacht      F Mendelssohn

         Sing-Along Requiem          WA Mozart

         Messe Solonnelle                 L Vierne

         Ave Maria                      A Bruckner

         Laudate Dominum             M Dupré

         Christmas section, Messiah         GF Handel

         The Christmas Story           R Nelson

         Sie warden aus Saba alle kommen (Cantata 65)  JS Bach



1988      Dido and Aeneas               H Purcell

         Let me know mine end                  M Greene

         Hosanna to the Son of David         O Gibbons

         Chorus selections from operas by P Mascagni, G Verdi, G Puccini,

                                    L Delibes, B Smetana, J Brahms, R Wagner

         Messe de minuit pour Noël    MA Charpentier

         Navidad Nuestra               A Ramirez



1987      Misa Criolla            A Ramirez

         Missa in tempore belli (Mass in Time of War)        J Haydn

         Christmas Cantata             D Pinkham

         Alleluia                          R Thompson

         7 Joys of Christmas            K Mechem

         Al Tadin #2          S Richards



1986     20th Century Songs composed by A Copland, B Britten, Hovhaness

                    S Barber, S Barger, Ralph Vaughn Williams, M Hessagin

         Gloria in D            A Vivaldi

         Das neugeborne Kindelein      D Buxtehude



1985     Judas Maccabaeus              GF Handel

         Renaissance Selections by O Gibbons, O di Lasso, H Schutz

                                             G Gabrieli, J Sweelinck, M Greene

         Magnificat               JS Bach

         Motet #1 Op 29      J Brahms

         Sicut Cervus             J Palestrina



1984      The Creation          J Haydn

         Messe ‘Cum jubilo’ Op11       M Duruflé

         Fantasia                         RV Williams



1983      Requiem                          G Fauré

         Gloria in excelsis Deo (Cantata 191)  JS Bach



1982         Selection of choral works by JS Bach, J Brahms, T Weelkes, O Gibbons, C LeJeune,

                                                  T Morley, O di Lasso


1981     Uns ist ein Kind geboren (Cantata 142)      JS Bach

         A Ceremony of Carols          B Britten

         Hodie                    RV Williams



1979       Dido and Aeneas               H Purcell